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EP 18 - Raising Mentally Strong Kids with Special Guest Blair Critch

EP 18 - Raising Mentally Strong Kids with Special Guest Blair Critch

June 24, 2021

HELLO PARENTS!  Todays topic is on how to raise mentally strong kids – even in the midst of tough times.

My special guest, Blair Critch is going to talk about how even when you, the mom or dad are faced with adversity and when you’re in the midst of dealing with your own hardships and problems….you can show your kids and teach your kids how to become mentally strong right along with you. 

 Blair is a Success coach for Moms in business, and the co-creator of  BLESSED MOMMA BOSSES, a company that helps ambitious women achieve financial success without sacrificing time with their family. 

Her journey the past 15 years has been less than smooth sailing.  

Listen in as Blair shares how bankruptcy, her husbands addiction and her own battle with cancer has brought their family closer together.

She’s going to share 5 key things that she teaches her kids to become mentally strong and how they deal with and overcome problems in their home.

To connect with Blair and her business partner Kellie Hoover go to

Blair also shared The secret to balancing your family time and building a successful business is to solidify your vision

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to get your free Time Blocking and Calendar Planning Worksheet, click this link: Master Your Time Planning Worksheet

To learn more about the Make It Right Technique and how you can become a No-Problem Parent go to

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EP 17 - Creating Virtues & Building Character in your kids using the DISC assessment with Sandra Davis from People Smart World

EP 17 - Creating Virtues & Building Character in your kids using the DISC assessment with Sandra Davis from People Smart World

June 15, 2021

Welcome back to the No-Problem Parenting Podcast -

Hey Parents! Do your kids feel entitled or do wonder if you are raising selfish kids?

Instilling virtues and building character in our kids helps them to become responsible and respectful people AND improves their attitude and overall behavior as they grow.

AND sometimes, even though we’ve tried, we unintentionally get off track and find ourselves living with kids who are demanding and disrespectful.

What if your kids are now teenagers and not responsible or don’t seem to care?

Are you wondering if its too late?

The answer is no, it is not too late!

Today, my special guest is Sandra Davis from PEOPLE SMART WORLD

Sandra is going to share a free resource and describe to us how an understanding of each family members personality style can help us develop healthy virtues and build character in our kids.

Sandra Davis, is an expert facilitator, coach, instructional design and curriculum developer and consultant.

She is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleSmart Enterprises, the co-creator of the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method & the DISCovering Me Program for youth, a Co-Founder of PEOPLE SMART ACADEMY which offers online courses for teaching People-literacy.

Sandra has trained as a facilitator with The Virtues Project and she’s been facilitating leadership development and business cultures that thrive by consulting with companies in New Zealand (where she lives) as well as several countries throughout the world including the United States.

Here's the link to get a FREE DISC assessment for you and each member of your family: FREE DISC ASSESSMENT

Click to join the Parents with Teens, Tweens and anything in between Facebook group

and use this link to join the People Smart Academy for just $1 -People Smart Academy

PeopleSmart Inner Circle is a mentorship and community for busy working parents. These parents are passionate about becoming their best selves and want to lead and inspire their children to also become the best they can be. It’s led by Sandra Davis and Carol Dysart who bring a combined 60 years of experience in coaching CEOs, leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, teachers and parents. The Inner Circle empowers individuals to have harmonious and joyful relationships at home and at work.

Be sure to share this episode with your friends, your kids teachers and your colleagues or take a screen shot of the episode and share on your favorite social media platform. Thank You!

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EP 16 - Parenting Kids with Anxiety and Big Emotions with special guest Kelly Winkler

EP 16 - Parenting Kids with Anxiety and Big Emotions with special guest Kelly Winkler

June 10, 2021

Welcome Back Parents! Today's episode introduces us to the benefits of becoming a mindful parent and getting ourselves prepared to respond to our kid's big emotions.  My special guest Kelly Winkler shares how her inspiration to become a yoga instructor for children and parents came from watching her preteen daughter fall in love with yoga and use it as a tool to deal with anxiety.

Kelly received a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State University. She has an extensive background working with children. She started her career as a child life specialist in the hospital setting. She then obtained her elementary teacher certification and has taught children ranging in age preschool through fifth grade. She is also a mother of four children.

Kelly began her journey with yoga 16 years ago when she was pregnant with her first child. As a former educator and child life specialist Kelly became inspired to bring yoga to children. Over the years the environment in which she worked with children changed, however, one thing remained constant, her belief that the most important things she could bring a child were self-confidence, strength, and the power to create their own inner peace.

Kelly earned her children's yoga certification through Kidding Around Yoga and is a Kidding Around Yoga Trainer. She gives professional development for educators to incorporate mindfulness and yoga into their classroom.

Kelly believes the benefits of mindfulness are so powerful she has created a podcast for parents and teachers Mindful Moments for Families and Schools where she shares these tools. She strives to educate and engage children and their families in these practices. She is now offering a parent coaching to help families have a more calm and connected home.

To learn more about how you can help your child with anxiety and/or BIG emotions you can reach out to Kelly via the links below:

EP - 15 Kids and Anxiety

EP - 15 Kids and Anxiety

June 8, 2021

Welcome Back Parents! Today's Episode 15 is a quick overview of what anxiety can look like in kids.  I crammed ALOT of information in this short episode and only touched the surface of this very common, yet individualized natural response to stress!

There is SO much information about anxiety - this episode is my attempt to get the conversation started AND pre-introduce my next guest (Episode 16 coming soon).  Kelly Winkler is a mom, teacher and certified children's yoga instructor and she joins me in the next episode to talk about some things we as parents can do to help our kiddo's calm their anxious bodies and much more.

For more information about anxiety please go to The National Alliance on Mental Health or consult your pediatrician.

I'd love to hear from you!  What questions do you have about anxiety with your kids or as it relates to your parenting?  What have you tried that really helped?  Comment on this podcast or email with your questions and/or suggestions.

Hugs and High Fives Parents ~

You Got This!

EP 14 - Parenting Your Highly Sensitive Child with special guest Asia Irgangladen and Purposeful Parenting Now

EP 14 - Parenting Your Highly Sensitive Child with special guest Asia Irgangladen and Purposeful Parenting Now

June 1, 2021

Welcome back parents!! Did you know that 15-20% of children are born with a nervous system that is highly sensitive?  These kiddo’s are overwhelmed by high levels of stimulation and activity, they have a hard time transitioning and are super sensitive to the emotional distress of others. 

Highly Sensitive Children are often quick to react to everything, although, get this; these kids would prefer to reflect before acting.

So parents, if you’ve been struggling with a child who is emotionally intense and demanding or maybe you have a child who is fairly easy to raise except when they’re with a group of children or people they don’t know, I have a great resource for you!

Asia Irgangladen is the founder of Purposeful Parenting Now. She is dedicated to showing families how to cultivate healthy relationships by shifting their focus, implementing strategies and structure in the home, and developing clear communication to allow parent and child to hear each other.

Asia draws on her Special Education teaching background and a Positive Parent Educator Certification. On a personal note, growing up in a big, multigenerational family taught her firsthand about the strengths, challenges and complexities of family life, and the diverse, unique needs of each child.

Asia provides her clients with a comprehensive problem-solving tool kit with a step-by-step system, including mindfulness strategies, and clear guidance for families to transform chaos into calm.

In today’s episode Asia is going to explain the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown And how emotions are like poop! 

So listen in parents, having a highly sensitive child is not a problem when we seek first to understand why they behave the way they do!

To learn how to turn your child's highly sensitive behavior problems into No-Problem, reach out to Asia and

 or find Asia on Instagram:


EP 13 - Turn Technology Behavior Problems into No-Problem

EP 13 - Turn Technology Behavior Problems into No-Problem

May 27, 2021

Hello Parents!

Welcome back to the No-Problem Parenting podcast where we choose to deal with and overcome behavior challenges with our kids.

Today I’m going to share how you can be EXCITED for your kids to use technology.  I give you tips and tools for setting up your child's devices and I’m gonna help you prepare for how to respond to your kids when they mess up and technology becomes a problem.  No-Problem parents view technology as a privilege AND an eventual necessity/skill they will need as they grow up.

So ,we want to teach our kids the benefits as well as the risks and responsibilities that come with this new norm of communicating not just with our friends and family but with the world. 

How can you turn your child’s technology problems into a no-problem without having to be the bad guy all the time?  Stay tuned – I’ve got some ideas for ya!

Do you have a specific behavior problem with regard to technology in your home?  Schedule a strategy session with Jaci and learn how to deal with and overcome your parenting challenge:  30 Minute Strategy Session

Hugs and High Fives,


EP 12 - Protecting our kids from online dangers with special guest Sarah Siegand of Parents Who Fight

EP 12 - Protecting our kids from online dangers with special guest Sarah Siegand of Parents Who Fight

May 19, 2021

Hello Parents!  I am soooo excited to welcome Sarah Siegand to the podcast today! Sarah is going to share several free resources to help you protect your kids from the dangers of all things technology including cell phones, gaming devices, tablets and computers.  You will not want to miss this episode!

Sarah Siegand is a wife and mom of two active boys, ages 14 and 17, living in Nashville, TN. In 2015, she and her husband, Jesse, started an online safety campaign called Parents Who Fight to help parents protect kids from online dangers. They support parents and schools through workshops and in-home consultations, providing resources, tools, and hands-on help for digital wellness and safety.

Sarah and Jesse were also featured voices in the recent groundbreaking documentary, CHILDHOOD 2.0

For more information or to connect with Sarah and Jesse follow the links below:

Childhood 2.0 Documentary

EP 11 - Are you losing your cool with your kids because you’re too nice?

EP 11 - Are you losing your cool with your kids because you’re too nice?

May 14, 2021

HELLO PARENTS!  You’re irritability with your kids might be at an all time high right now – this past year has been super challenging and our patience in general has been tested to the max.

Add behavior problems to your already stressed out life and it’s no wonder you’re losing your cool!

A good majority of my coaching clients this past year have come to me with this problem – and they are trying their best to keep their cool and not react

But here’s the deal. The root of the "flying off the handle" problem is almost always because these parents have been too nice!  Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

Listen in as I share how being too nice and not allowing natural or logical consequences to happen, not following through with the little things because you just want to keep the peace can cause you to blow up in the long run.

To learn more about how you can Become a No-Problem Parent™ go to

Hugs and High Fives,


EP 9 - Consequences vs Punishment - Allow your child to learn from their mistakes

EP 9 - Consequences vs Punishment - Allow your child to learn from their mistakes

May 11, 2021

Hello Parents! Consequences are meant to teach kids how to deal with and overcome problems they've created.  There's no need to "rub salt in the wound" once your child has made right what they did wrong.

No-Problem Parents understand that problems are meant to be dealt with and overcome and that the best way to teach your child "a lesson" is to allow them to own their problems or misbehavior and to solve the problem themselves.  Our job as the parent is to guide them as they make mistakes throughout their childhood and we can do so with empathy even when we are super frustrated, disappointed or hassled by the misbehavior. 

In today's episode I share the "Make it Right Technique" which can be used when your child has hurt or caused a problem for someone else.  And, you can model this technique by using it for yourself, in your daily life when you have hurt or caused a problem for your child or someone else!

Here's a link to the FREE MAKE IT RIGHT PDF and here's a link to schedule a call with me if you'd like a real life example of how you can use the technique: Jaci's Calendar

Want to become the No-Problem - Confident Leader your kids CRAVE you to be? 

Get started here:  Become a No-Problem Parent

Thank you for listening and sharing this podcast with your parenting friends.

Hugs and High Fives~


EP 8- Nurturing Your Marriage, with special guest Lesli Doares

EP 8- Nurturing Your Marriage, with special guest Lesli Doares

May 4, 2021

Hello Parents! I have a special guest with me today to talk about why nurturing your marriage is important not only for you, for your kids as well. 

Lesli Doares brings over twenty years of experience working with couples, combined with her personal experience in a 35-year relationship with her husband to create a paradigm shift in marriage so it can become a space where both partners feel respected and included.

One of her greatest gifts is helping her clients to quickly and clearly understand what’s at the heart of their relationship challenges so they can find their way to greater intimacy and connection.

Lesli also founded The Hero Husband Project where she teaches men how to win back themselves, their wives and their marriage.

When we bring children into our marriage we often put our marriage needs on the back burner.  Lesli talks about the importance of date night, marriage meetings AND carving time out for ourselves. 

Get a free Marriage Road Map here: Marriage Road Map

For more information about Lesli go to:

or find her on your favorite social media app:


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