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EP - 28 Empowering Mom’s about All Things Boobs, Breastfeeding & Babies with Special Guest Brianne Taggart

EP - 28 Empowering Mom’s about All Things Boobs, Breastfeeding & Babies with Special Guest Brianne Taggart

August 27, 2021

Welcome Back to The No-Problem Parenting Podcast! 

Are you a new momma and preparing for your baby to arrive?

Getting the nursery ready, going to birthing classes, creating your birthing plan? 

Have you decided whether or not you will breast or bottle feed your baby? 

Everybody’s feeding goals are unique to them, some mommas bottle feed, some breast feed the first few weeks and then transition to bottle while other mommas breast feed for the first year or two or more! 

Todays guest is going to bust some breastfeeding myths, give some tips and tools on how to help you and your baby when breast feeding isn’t working so great And resources for moms who plan to breastfeed and return to work. 

Meet Brianne Taggart!

Bri love's teaching and empowering families about all things boobs, babies, and breastfeeding. 

She is a Registered Nurse, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator, and Certified Instructor of Infant Massage. 

With 3 kiddos of her own and a 4th on the way, Bri knows firsthand how rocky the road into parenthood can be and her mission is to make that transition as smooth as possible for families like you.

Her specialty is helping families meet their breastfeeding goals from birth through postpartum via tools that she has created such as an online prenatal Breastfeeding course, personalized pumping plans and one-on-one telehealth consults.

Bri especially love's to help breastfeeding families transition back to work without having to sacrifice their feeding goals.

To learn more about Brianne you can find her on Instagram for quick tips and tricks @breezy__babies, or go to her website;, and click this link to receive a the free INFANT MASSAGE DOWNLOAD 


Congratulations to all of you expecting a new baby!

Hugs and High Fives,


EP 27 - Overcoming Trauma and Despair with Special Guest Angela Legh

EP 27 - Overcoming Trauma and Despair with Special Guest Angela Legh

August 19, 2021

Welcome back to the No Problem Parenting Podcast, where we choose to deal with and overcome the emotional and behavior challenges in our homes. 

Today’s episode is about overcoming trauma and despair. The importance of self-love, and how embracing YOU embracing yourself begins with acknowledging your feelings and tending to them – so that you can create the life you and your children deserve.

My guest today is Angela Legh a survivor of trauma, abuse, fires and a near drowning all of which inspired her to become a writer and advocate for others who have endured tragedy.

She is an author whose mission is to help children thrive in emotional well-being by developing a strong internal emotional strength. Her books include self-help collections, about the power of forgiveness and learning to surrender to life and more recently a fairytale series titled The Bella Santini Chronicles.  

Angela is also a mentor.

While writing The Bella Santini Chronicle’s  Angela realized that she could not help children get in touch with their inner magic without paying attention to the needs of their parents. Helping children thrive in emotional well-being while their parents were overstressed, made it harder for children to navigate their emotions especially through their teenage years. So, Angela began helping adults tap into their inner magic through on online course and one-on-one mentoring.

Angela supports teens and parents by exploring and coaching on complex topics, such as child abandonment, bullying, sibling rivalry, and good vs. evil. Her clients build emotional muscle and set a path of emotional well-being that allows them to navigate the difficult teen years without isolating themselves or even worse, seeing suicide as a solution to their problems.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10-24. The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Agency ( )states, the causes of suicide are complex and determined by multiple combinations of factors, such as mental illness, substance abuse, painful losses, exposure to violence, and social isolation. Social isolation significantly increased under the Covid-19 lockdown and the effects still prevalent today.

Angela understands firsthand the pain and despair of trauma, loss and abuse. Her stories and mentorship programs were developed to help children and parents who because of their environment and/or their past, do not feel worthy or that they belong.

Have you been a person that has helped someone find value in themselves?  Maybe you’ve helped a family member, friend or even a complete stranger by simply acknowledging or noticing them? Every day, whether you have experienced a traumatic relationship or not, each one of us has the ability to be kind and intentional with the people around us.

Saying hello to someone you don’t know, striking up a conversation with a classmate that seems shy or reserved or even getting to know the kid that always seems angry or has been tagged as the bully in school.  Sometimes your random act of kindness or compliment affects that person way more than you could ever know. Whether or not you can begin to understand what the person is going through, take the time to get to recognize them.

Like Angela, our friend Mack was one of those people who acknowledged and noticed others too. Even though he didn’t experience pain or abuse like Angela had, from an early age, Mack knew his purpose was to help others and he went out of his way to positively impact all those he met.

Tragically we lost our dear Mack in a car accident just a couple of weeks ago.

 I’m dedicating this episode to Mack and to all of you who take the time to notice, acknowledge and make time for the people in your life, that others don’t. Our world needs more people like Mack. #livelikemack #lovelikemack

My very sincere Thanks to Angela for recording this episode with me even though I wasn’t feeling very up to it that day.  She helped me acknowledge my grief and persevere. 

For more information on how Angela can help you and your kiddo’s and to order her books, go to

Click these links to find her on your favorite social media site.

Twitter @BellaSantinbo1

And remember parents, “On particularly rough days, when you feel like you can’t possibly endure, remember that your track record for getting through those days is 100%, and that’s pretty darn good.

Hugs and High Fives,


EP - 26 Parenting Your Teenage Daughter with Special Guest Jeannie Baldomero

EP - 26 Parenting Your Teenage Daughter with Special Guest Jeannie Baldomero

August 12, 2021

Welcome Back Parents! Today's topic is all things communicating with your teenage daughter.

Have you ever asked your daughter a simple question and something about her tone made you pause and think, “where did that come from’?  Or maybe it’s the sudden streams of tears and the uncontrollable crying and she doesn’t even know why she’s sad? Or maybe she’s developed an unbelievable attitude that seems to have come out of nowhere and you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t even know who she is anymore!”

My guest today is Jeannie Baldomero and she is going to share with us Why there's a disconnect with our daughters in those pre-teen and teenage years, how to communicate and hold a conversation and 3 of her favorite tips for parents who are struggling in their relationship with their daughters.

Jeannie Baldomero is the founder of the ROOTED program, a program that equip Moms and Mentors of young teen girls to be confident in their identity. Jeannie will show you how its possible to parent your pre-teen and teenage daughters confidently and without risking your relationship.

 She is a wife of 20 years, a mom of 3 teenagers herself as well as mentors youth girls in her church's student ministries. Her passion for kids as a former educator, her value for a strong, healthy family unit and an enthusiasm to impact young teen girls has led her to partner with moms and guide them to create healthy relationships with their teens.

To learn more about the ROOTED program go to 

Find Jeannie on social media:

To learn more about No-Problem Parenting™ and how you can become the confident leader your kids crave you to be, go to

For now,

Hugs and High Fives Parents,

You Got This!


EP 25 - Your Mindset Matters with Special Guest Colleen Biggs

EP 25 - Your Mindset Matters with Special Guest Colleen Biggs

August 10, 2021

Hello Parents! Welcome Back to The No-Problem Parenting Podcast! 

Today we're going to talk about how your Mindset Matters!

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation. 

People with a fixed mindset believe your abilities are fixed traits and that they can't be changed. You may also believe that your talent and intelligence alone leads to success, and effort is not required.

On the flipside, if you have a growth mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through effort and persistence. People with this mindset believe they can get smarter or more talented if they work at it.

Now of course there are things in life that are out of our control, TODAY we're talking about the things that ARE in our control and what happens when we acknowledge and take ownership of our lives and SHOW UP for ourselves FIRST so that we can be the confident parent and leader our kids crave us to be! 

My guest today was able to shift from the fixed mindset that she was taught early on in life to a growth mindset.

Meet Colleen Biggs

Colleen strives to reach all women through influence to encourage the understanding that in order to be, have, and do anything in life that you desire, you must first Show UP! Colleen survived an early childhood of chaos, loss, and abuse. It was through these trials that she gained the clarity to understand the magnitude of loving others unconditionally and realizing the power of community.

Colleen Biggs is an Award-Winning Peak Performance Consultant with over 20 years of experience, has launched over 340 businesses, is an International Speaker and  #1  Best-Selling Author of Anatomy of Accomplishment, and Step Into the Spotlight to Expand your Influence,

She is the CEO of three businesses including Lead Up for Women, a community that boasts tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs that are driven by their passions and believe in supporting other women. 

To learn more about the Lead Up for Women Community Members and how you too can take this bold action for you, click here

Get your FREE ticket to the L.E.A.P. Event August 11th - 13th 2021 here: L.E.A.P Event Ticket

Listen to Colleen's Podcast here: LEAD UP FOR WOMEN SPEAK UP TO LEAD UP PODCAST


Hugs and High Fives Parents!

You Got This!




EP 24 - Ignite your Childs Imagination & Creativity with Special Guest Drew Vernon and the TONIEBOX

EP 24 - Ignite your Childs Imagination & Creativity with Special Guest Drew Vernon and the TONIEBOX

July 22, 2021

Hey Parents! Welcome back to the No-Problem Parenting Podcast, Where we choose to deal with and overcome behavior problems in our home.

Are your preschoolers and elementary aged children constantly asking for screen time? 

Do you wish there was another product or device out there that your kids would be just as or even more excited about than their Ipad or video game?

Well you are in luck!   Today I’m speaking with Drew Vernon, Marketing Director at Tonies -  an alternative to Alexa for parents looking for audio storytelling without the Big Brother link.

Tonies sells its brightly colored Toniebox Smart Speakers, encouraging listeners ages 3 and older to play imaginatively. To date, the company has sold 1.7 million Tonieboxes.

Drew is much more than just the marketing guy, he is a former child and a dad. His passion for his family and children is the reason why he’s at Tonies.

Drew is going to introduce us to this NEW product that offers an alternative to screen time.

We’ll talk about why removing the screen is critical to our kids creative development process and how we can use the power of storytelling to empower our kids to be creators, authors and performers.

Get ready  to deal with and overcome another parenting challenge in todays episode of the show.

Enter to win a free Toniebox by doing these 3 things:

1) "LIKE" this episode

2)  Share this episode with your friends and family

3) Comment on this episode #tonies

And your name will be entered in to the drawing.  We’ll be giving 1 TonieBox away on August 5th so be sure to get entered right away for your chance to win!

To check out the Toniebox and Tonies figures/books/resources etc, go to

Parents: Join the Toniebox USA for Parents on Facebook: TonieboxUSAforparents

Teachers: Join the Tonies for Teachers on Facebook: Toniesforteachers

Tonies on Instagram click here:

Tonies on Facebook:

And finally, to get more information on how you can bring Tonies into your classroom, daycare, homeschool program or company, email Drew at;

Give your kids an opportunity to use their imagination and creative play without the screen time and share your experiences with us!  We'd love to hear them.




EP - 23 I’m Sorry isn’t Enough! Introducing the Make It Right Technique

EP - 23 I’m Sorry isn’t Enough! Introducing the Make It Right Technique

July 16, 2021

WELCOME BACK PARENTS! When your child misbehaves, causes a problem for or hurts someone, is your go-to response; "Tell me your sorry!" or "You better say sorry!"?

Yep!  Often times it is our go-to response!  I'm excited to share another option for your kids to learn the effects of their behavior on others and how allowing them to make up for their mistakes or wrong doing, builds character and self-esteem!

Introducing the Make it Right Technique. 

Wouldn't it be better to teach your kids to make right what they did wrong?

Apologizing for the misbehavior or unkind behavior is "icing on the cake" and of course we DO want our kids to apologize AND we also want them to "mean it"! 
Robbing our kids of a valuable lesson by only expecting them to apologize actually sets the stage for more misbehavior!

Have you ever been hurt or wronged and then lied to?  That's often exactly what happens when we make a child say they're sorry when they really aren't!  Think about that for a minute. 

It goes like this; your child hits another child (maybe out of frustration or because the other did something mean) and you interject with a "you better say sorry".  Guess what? Likely, your child is NOT really sorry. 

While there is no excuse for hitting or hurting others, instead of forcing our children to apologize, let's teach them a way to, make right what they did wrong and increase the odds they won't repeat the same behavior!  

And guess what?  After making it up to the person they caused a problem for, most often your child will offer an "I'm Sorry" all on their own!  It comes authentically from the inside out!  So Great!

Disclaimer: Use this technique only after you and your child are calm, and the problem behavior is “over”.  Be sure neither of you are in fight nor flight mode when using this technique.  If you or the child become upset while having the conversation, stop and try again later.  The goal is for the child to make right what they did wrong and make it up to you (or whomever they harmed or caused a problem for), not to punish them. 

You are teaching that when we make a mistake or cause a problem for others, we can correct the mistake and make it up to the people that were involved or affected. 

This can be used with any person your child’s behavior causes a problem for including siblings, teachers, classmates, coaches, you as the parent or others.  And, YOU can model this behavior with your kids!  After those epic parenting fail moments when you fly off the handle or do something that causes a problem for your kid!  YOU can Make It Right with them! 

If you are not sure whether it’s an appropriate technique for your situation be sure to check in with me!  Email me:

Click here for your free download of the Make It Right Technique


Click here to join the No-Problem Parenting™ Membership Community !!! 

Try it for one month (all access to the on-demand course and monthly Q&A's) and Cancel any time. 

For now Parents,

Hugs & High Fives!


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EP 22 - Organize & De-Stress Your Home with special guest Natalie Mel

EP 22 - Organize & De-Stress Your Home with special guest Natalie Mel

July 13, 2021

Welcome back No-Problem parents!  Hey, has your home become a source of stress and disorganization?

Did you know that your environment has a direct impact on you and your kids wellbeing?

My guest today is Natalie Mel, she’s a Certified Holistic Health Specialist, Transformational Nutrition coach & Organizing Maven.

Blending her passion for organizing and health & wellness, she founded Her Holistic Space after realizing that people's health were not being taken into consideration when it came to organizing.

Parents hire Natalie to transform their homes into health supporting sanctuaries, so that they can confidently raise healthy kids and feel amazing while doing it!

Her mission is to help break the cycles & patterns of generational dis-ease and she believes that every child has the right to grow up in a healthy home, and that starts with healthy parents.

If you’re ready to kick out the toxins, get organized and create a healthy living space for you and your family, listen in to todays episode.


Click this link to access Natalie's free guide to better sleep:  FREE GUIDE TO SUPERCHARGE YOUR SLEEP!

Find her on Instagram @herholisticspace, or her website; 

Hugs and High Fives Parents,



EP 21 - 100% Reading Engagement Techniques with Special Guest Joanne Cooper

EP 21 - 100% Reading Engagement Techniques with Special Guest Joanne Cooper

July 7, 2021

HELLO No-Problem Parents! Are your little kids reading this summer? or, are YOU

or your big kids reading to your little kids?

Today's special guest Joanne Cooper is going to share with us 3 techniques to achieve 100% Reading Engagement! 

So whether its you, the parent, reading to your littles or their older siblings, nanny, daycare provider or grandparent, listen in and learn how to help your children engage while being read to.

Joanne is a retired teacher who achieved her life long dream of writing books while cooped up during the pandemic.

And as if that's not cool enough, her 11 year old grandson is the Illustrator! 

Have you ever read a book written by a grandmother and illustrated by her 11 year old grandson?

"The Adventures of Kona & King" and "Kona and King Rockin' the Holidays and Other Special Days" are interactive books written in rhyming poem format, asking questions to stimulate children's imaginations and initiate conversations.

Kona and King are two real life Labrador Retrievers upon which the book is based. 

Stay tuned to learn how you can enter for a chance to win a signed copy of one of these fun and ENGAGING children's books!

"LIKE" this episode and enter the code words in the comments for your chance to win!  Drawing held on July 31st and winner posted in the comments of this episode.  Winners must reply to with their home address.

HUGS and High Fives Parents!


EP 20 - Parenting a Child who has lost a parent& Creating a Life you Love after Loss with special guest Kari Davis

EP 20 - Parenting a Child who has lost a parent& Creating a Life you Love after Loss with special guest Kari Davis

June 29, 2021

Welcome Back Parents!  Have your or someone you know lost a family member to death or divorce?

Today, my special guest Kari Davis shares a little bit of her family’s story.

Kari’s husband and father of her 3 children died suddenly of a massive brain hemorrhage on March 28, 2015. He was a healthy 39-year-old man and an amazing dad.

Suddenly, all of the control and good choices Kari made as a mom didn’t matter as much.

She didn’t have the energy to cook. Family time was the most painful parts of the day.

Sports and dinners and school functions were the loneliest reminders knowing that she would always raise these kids without their dad. Kari didn’t know what long-term consequences would result from the trauma they had endured.

And then, Kari found hope and confidence in herself and she began to dream again.

Meet Kari Davis - She lives in Naples, FL with her blended family of 5 kids and husband, Bobby. After being suddenly widowed at 38 years old, Kari is passionate about self-care, natural living, and creating a life you love after loss. Kari is an essential oil educator and holistic life coach.

She loves to coach other women who have been derailed by life but still desire to chase their dreams, find love again and raise amazing kids. Her wellness collaborative online space, is her passion project and she has just begun the "Find the Beauty Podcast". Tune in to be encouraged to dream again and create a life you love!


To learn more about how you can work with Kari, go to:

Find her podcast on iTunes here: Find the Beauty Podcast or search for it on your favorite podcast app.

For now, 

Hugs and High Fives Parents!




EP 19 - Homeschooling Your Kids with Special Guest Teresa Dumadag

EP 19 - Homeschooling Your Kids with Special Guest Teresa Dumadag

June 27, 2021

Hello No-Problem Parents! Today's special Guest is Homeschooling mom Teresa Dumadag!

Are you a current homeschooling parent?  Maybe you've been thinking about homeschooling your children but not sure if it's right for you? 

Teresa is going to share her unique and intentional homeschooling approach that not only serves her children well, it allows her to be the best teacher for her kids AND fulfill her professional passion.

Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag is a multi-awarded author and Amazon bestselling author.
She has won in the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards in the past 3 consecutive years, has published 10 books and is the author of the award-winning blog Hands-On Parent while Earning.

She is the President of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services, an international speaker, and an executive, parenting, homeschool, life and career transitions coach.

Teresa is a mom of three boys whom she has homeschooled since birth. She lives in Manila, Philippines with her husband and kids.

Click this link on June 30th or July 1st o get a FREE copy of Teresa's latest book;
and here's the link to Teresa's podcast FOLLOW GOD

To Become a No-Problem Parent and join our community go to
Thank You for "Liking" this podcast, sharing with your friends and leaving a review!
Keep on keeping on parents!  You Got This!
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