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Title: EP. 67 Simplify your life; Eliminate physical, emotional and calendar clutter so you can focus on what matters most. with Special Guest Emily McDermott

May 31, 2022

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Is your calendar and your "to-do" list causing you to feel overwhelmed? My guest today defines overwhelm as "too much"- too much stuff, too many to-do's, and too many thoughts distracting us from what's truly important.


Too much "stuff" causes choice overload and decision fatigue.


Meet Emily McDermott, owner of Simple By Emmy. Emily shares how her Eliminate, Delegate, Automate framework can help us free up our most important resources of time, energy, focus, and attention.

Addressing Clutter is a key step to eliminate overwhelm- physical, calendar, and emotional clutter impacts our health and well-being as well as our children's health.

Physical clutter raises anxiety and cortisol/stress levels in us and is visual stimulus overload for our children.


A crammed calendar causes us anxiety and stress because it's impossible to "do it all" (as much as we may try) and it is detrimental for kids to be over-scheduled without being able to have the space and time for unstructured play and rest. Limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, as well as distractions from technology and other sources cause us to feel fragmented and makes it harder to be present with our kids and our spouse/partners.


Download Emily's 5 Steps to Overcome Overwhelm


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