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EP 99 Wildlife Inspired Awe; Benefits of Exposing Kids to the Natural World with Special Guest Jonathan Hicks

November 3, 2022

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What is wildlife-inspired awe and how does it improve our mental health?

How can parents incorporate awe into their daily routine and what are the benefits of exposing kids to the natural world?


Meet Dr. Jonathan Hicks; Dr Hicks is a professor of Cultural and Natural Resource Management in the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Much of his research in the last decade emphasizes the roles of wildlife in facilitating meaningful connections to the natural world.


Prior to his arrival at Minnesota State, Dr. Hicks gained teaching experience in a variety of environmental education and summer camp settings. His involvement in outdoor recreation eventually led him to study and teach at the University of Illinois where he served as a lecturer and internship coordinator. He focuses on incorporating experiential education into the classroom and utilizing applied research to bolster student knowledge and enhance environmental awareness. He has earned numerous commendations for his community-driven approach to teaching and he considers his work as student mentor as among his most significant contributions.



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