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EP 98 Myths that Keep Your Kids in College Debt; Graduate Debt Free with Special Guest Denise Thomas

November 1, 2022

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Can you imagine your college student attending college debt free?


Whether you have a middle schooler or an adult child that is already a few years into college, today's podcast is going to help you help your student attend college debt free.


My special guest Denise Thomas is going to share the benefits of attending college without student loans, the challenges parents have that are making this a difficult goal to attain, how parents overcome these challenges, and what parents and students can do today, even as early as middle school?


Meet Denise Thomas; International best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and coach to parents of college-bound teens, Denise inspires, educates, and equips parents to take an active role in supporting their children to live a life of financial freedom. Her mission is to ‘flip’ the student debt statistic in the U.S.


Denise is a 20-year homeschool veteran having homeschooled her two children from Pre-k through high school. Using her proprietary repeatable strategy, both of her homeschooled kids attended their first-choice college on 17 scholarships exceeding $199,000, walking out of college with cash in hand.


Denise says, you can keep your money. Send your kids to college on other people's cash! “College doesn't have to be a DEBT sentence.”


Learn more about Denise by clicking one of the links:


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