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EP. 74 Mom & Daughter Connection; Communicate with your pre-teen/teenage daughter with ease with Special Guest Elise Knox

July 15, 2022

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents!

Are you struggling to communicate with your teen? In today's episode my guest Elise Knox is going to share;

  • The 3 steps to listening to your teen without judgment.

  • Important things to do with younger kids to make the teenage years smoother.

  • How to get clarity around your needs and feel confident expressing them, so you don’t get burned out and feel resentful.


Elise is a life and wellness coach, yoga teacher, and former middle school teacher who works with moms and teens. She is fascinated by brain development and the nervous system and believes that understanding these two things can make teen years so much easier for mamas and teens.


Elise offers mama centered and teen centered coaching packages. Her mission is to bring enjoyment back into family relationships by helping her clients connect with themselves so that they can stay connected to their loved ones.


When not working in her business Elise loves impromptu dance parties, hiking to a sweet secluded swimming hole with her family, hot yoga, and cooking anything from scratch, while listening to one of her favorite podcasts.



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