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EP. 70 Everyday Movement Made Simple; Creative ways to get you and your kids moving without having to exercise with Special Guest Dr. Stefan Zavalin

June 15, 2022

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents!


Summers here! Let's get moving! And guess what? Movement is more than exercise.


Today's guest is going to talk about the difference between movement and exercise and give us some practical and realistic ideas for how to get ourselves and our kids moving in our everyday life.


Meet Dr. Stefan Zavalin.   Dr. Stefan is a movement mentor driven to change desk work culture. Despite losing his vision in graduate school, he started a company called Love to Move, where he mentors organizations on adapting company culture to improve productivity and health.


The dream: evolve the current work model so people no longer have to choose between work and health. Stefan aims to make virtual services accessible to all to help this cultural shift.


Since starting on his mission, Stefan has written a book called Sit Less and given a TEDx Talk on the same subject. In his free time, he likes to write songs on piano and guitar, critique a good cup of coffee, and play board games with his wife and friends.


To learn more about Dr. Stefan click on one of the following links:

TEDx talk:

Grab a copy of his Book Sit Less:






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