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EP. 65 Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship; begins with self compassion. with Special Guest Whitney Kobrin

May 20, 2022

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents! How's your love life?

Are you;

  • Single and tired of being lonely? 

  • In a relationship, but not getting the love you crave?

  • Giving up all hope and fearing you'll never find what you're looking for?


Meet Whitney Kobrin. Whitney was a stressed-out single mom who needed a major energy shift to become the parent her son needed her to be. Her relationship journey led her to look inward and fill her own cup first, starting with self compassion.

With an educational background in psychology, and 15 years of professional Recruiting, Matchmaking, and Coaching experience, Whitney now fulfills her life’s purpose as a Love Coach for women.

Her signature coaching program helps clients to identify their blind spots that get in the way of having an amazing love relationship. This 14-week program is called "Love Yourself, Love Your LIfe, and Have Lasting Love" and incorporates holistic healing that aligns the whole self, including mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical dimensions.


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