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EP. 63 Every Behavior is Communication! Get to the Heart of Behavior Problems (ages 3 - 21) with Special Guest Kristan Weisdack

May 12, 2022

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents!

Every Behavior is Communication! It can be tough to deal with behaviors. 

Perhaps your child is biting, hitting, kicking, spinning, running into walls or climbing on everything. Maybe as they've grown their risk-taking behaviors are increasing, their attention span is decreasing or maybe they just don't seem to have any ambition to try new things and their self esteem is suffering?

Step one of No-Problem Parenting is to "Seek first to Understand "why my child is behaving the way they are" and why am I, the parent, responding or reacting the way "I am?"

Well today we're gonna do just that.  My guest Kristan Weisdack is going to help you get to the heart of the "problem" that you've otherwise considered a mis-behavior.

Kristan Weisdack is the Founder and CEO of BehaviorWorx of Southwestern PA. Her company offers outpatient (virtually and in-person) services as well as in-person and virtual training for parents and professionals that are often frustrated and overwhelmed when navigating behavior issues with their child or learner, particularly those with autism. Kristan’s personal and professional experience has helped her understand the causes of behavior are often rooted in nutrition, allergies, undetected vision issues, and problems that occur early on in life. This holistic approach to behavior is incorporated into every facet of what she and her team do to help others understand and navigate behavior successfully.

Are you a parent of a child with autism, ADHD, or behavioral issues who is frustrated with your current service provider?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of services your child is receiving?

Do you feel discouraged because your child has reached a plateau, but you know they have so much more potential?


Behavior Worx is a great resource for helping you get to the root of your child's behavior problems!

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