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EP 55 Overcoming Habits that Hold Us Hostage with Special Guest Tricia Parido

April 10, 2022

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Addictions, Negative Attachments, and Habits that hold us hostage are all seated in a pressure to perform and a reliance on something outside of ourselves to provide peace, joy, comfort, relief, value, validity, and worthiness.

Tricia Parido, founder of Turning Leaves Recovery, is a Recovery Lifestyle Enthusiast, Speaker, and Published Writer. She is a Nationally Certified Life Coach, an International Master Addictions Specialist, and a Professional Life Interventionist with a Psych Degree in Process Behavioral and Chemical Addiction who loves to help change lives!

Specializing in life transitions and post-treatment journeys, Parido is ever committed to serving her clients worldwide to find the emotional intelligence they need to conquer their life challenges.

As an active business owner of a thriving coaching practice, Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching, seated in evidence-based practices, she not only teaches her clients how to live the life they desire and “live free”, but she also teaches those that aspire to become professional coaches how to do so, passionately, and professionally.

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