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EP - 32 The Story of Hello World, llc & How a Goldfinch became its Logo

September 22, 2021

Hello Parents - Today's episode is about the sweet story that lead me to becoming an entrepreneur including why I named the company Hello World and how a Goldfinch became its logo. 

You'll hear how even though I prayed for God to lead the way when I was questioning my purpose and I begged Him to show me what I supposed to do, when He did, I doubted Him.  It took my at the time 8 year old son, to point out how God made it so crystal clear.

Thanks to Dave Lee, Tom Douglas, Tony Lane and Lady A for the song, Thank You to Pam M for showing me how to pay attention to God in nature and the every day moments, Thanks to Next-Monday, Michelle and Dieter Pape for believing in me, Thank You to my husband, son, all 11 brothers and sisters (in and out laws), father in law and my dad for supporting me (and tolerating me) in this journey. 

I love you all!

Hugs and High Fives,


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