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EP - 26 Parenting Your Teenage Daughter with Special Guest Jeannie Baldomero

August 12, 2021

Welcome Back Parents! Today's topic is all things communicating with your teenage daughter.

Have you ever asked your daughter a simple question and something about her tone made you pause and think, “where did that come from’?  Or maybe it’s the sudden streams of tears and the uncontrollable crying and she doesn’t even know why she’s sad? Or maybe she’s developed an unbelievable attitude that seems to have come out of nowhere and you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t even know who she is anymore!”

My guest today is Jeannie Baldomero and she is going to share with us Why there's a disconnect with our daughters in those pre-teen and teenage years, how to communicate and hold a conversation and 3 of her favorite tips for parents who are struggling in their relationship with their daughters.

Jeannie Baldomero is the founder of the ROOTED program, a program that equip Moms and Mentors of young teen girls to be confident in their identity. Jeannie will show you how its possible to parent your pre-teen and teenage daughters confidently and without risking your relationship.

 She is a wife of 20 years, a mom of 3 teenagers herself as well as mentors youth girls in her church's student ministries. Her passion for kids as a former educator, her value for a strong, healthy family unit and an enthusiasm to impact young teen girls has led her to partner with moms and guide them to create healthy relationships with their teens.

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Hugs and High Fives Parents,

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