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EP 18 - Raising Mentally Strong Kids with Special Guest Blair Critch

June 24, 2021

HELLO PARENTS!  Todays topic is on how to raise mentally strong kids – even in the midst of tough times.

My special guest, Blair Critch is going to talk about how even when you, the mom or dad are faced with adversity and when you’re in the midst of dealing with your own hardships and problems….you can show your kids and teach your kids how to become mentally strong right along with you. 

 Blair is a Success coach for Moms in business, and the co-creator of  BLESSED MOMMA BOSSES, a company that helps ambitious women achieve financial success without sacrificing time with their family. 

Her journey the past 15 years has been less than smooth sailing.  

Listen in as Blair shares how bankruptcy, her husbands addiction and her own battle with cancer has brought their family closer together.

She’s going to share 5 key things that she teaches her kids to become mentally strong and how they deal with and overcome problems in their home.

To connect with Blair and her business partner Kellie Hoover go to

Blair also shared The secret to balancing your family time and building a successful business is to solidify your vision

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For now,

Hugs and High Fives Parents!



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