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EP 17 - Creating Virtues & Building Character in your kids using the DISC assessment with Sandra Davis from People Smart World

June 15, 2021

Welcome back to the No-Problem Parenting Podcast -

Hey Parents! Do your kids feel entitled or do wonder if you are raising selfish kids?

Instilling virtues and building character in our kids helps them to become responsible and respectful people AND improves their attitude and overall behavior as they grow.

AND sometimes, even though we’ve tried, we unintentionally get off track and find ourselves living with kids who are demanding and disrespectful.

What if your kids are now teenagers and not responsible or don’t seem to care?

Are you wondering if its too late?

The answer is no, it is not too late!

Today, my special guest is Sandra Davis from PEOPLE SMART WORLD

Sandra is going to share a free resource and describe to us how an understanding of each family members personality style can help us develop healthy virtues and build character in our kids.

Sandra Davis, is an expert facilitator, coach, instructional design and curriculum developer and consultant.

She is the Co-Founder and CEO of PeopleSmart Enterprises, the co-creator of the PeopleSmart DISC Interpretation Method & the DISCovering Me Program for youth, a Co-Founder of PEOPLE SMART ACADEMY which offers online courses for teaching People-literacy.

Sandra has trained as a facilitator with The Virtues Project and she’s been facilitating leadership development and business cultures that thrive by consulting with companies in New Zealand (where she lives) as well as several countries throughout the world including the United States.

Here's the link to get a FREE DISC assessment for you and each member of your family: FREE DISC ASSESSMENT

Click to join the Parents with Teens, Tweens and anything in between Facebook group

and use this link to join the People Smart Academy for just $1 -People Smart Academy

PeopleSmart Inner Circle is a mentorship and community for busy working parents. These parents are passionate about becoming their best selves and want to lead and inspire their children to also become the best they can be. It’s led by Sandra Davis and Carol Dysart who bring a combined 60 years of experience in coaching CEOs, leaders, managers, coaches, consultants, teachers and parents. The Inner Circle empowers individuals to have harmonious and joyful relationships at home and at work.

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