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EP 14 - Parenting Your Highly Sensitive Child with special guest Asia Irgangladen and Purposeful Parenting Now

June 1, 2021

Welcome back parents!! Did you know that 15-20% of children are born with a nervous system that is highly sensitive?  These kiddo’s are overwhelmed by high levels of stimulation and activity, they have a hard time transitioning and are super sensitive to the emotional distress of others. 

Highly Sensitive Children are often quick to react to everything, although, get this; these kids would prefer to reflect before acting.

So parents, if you’ve been struggling with a child who is emotionally intense and demanding or maybe you have a child who is fairly easy to raise except when they’re with a group of children or people they don’t know, I have a great resource for you!

Asia Irgangladen is the founder of Purposeful Parenting Now. She is dedicated to showing families how to cultivate healthy relationships by shifting their focus, implementing strategies and structure in the home, and developing clear communication to allow parent and child to hear each other.

Asia draws on her Special Education teaching background and a Positive Parent Educator Certification. On a personal note, growing up in a big, multigenerational family taught her firsthand about the strengths, challenges and complexities of family life, and the diverse, unique needs of each child.

Asia provides her clients with a comprehensive problem-solving tool kit with a step-by-step system, including mindfulness strategies, and clear guidance for families to transform chaos into calm.

In today’s episode Asia is going to explain the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown And how emotions are like poop! 

So listen in parents, having a highly sensitive child is not a problem when we seek first to understand why they behave the way they do!

To learn how to turn your child's highly sensitive behavior problems into No-Problem, reach out to Asia and

 or find Asia on Instagram:


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