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EP. 102 The Fearless Factor; Understanding your fear & taking courageous action with Special Guest Jacqueline Wales

November 18, 2022

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What if you could change the way you look at fear?


Jacqueline Wales has a deep understanding of what’s behind fear…and the questions you can ask yourself to break through limiting beliefs and stories that may be causing you to play small in life. You’ll discover how to reframe your ideas about fear and failure so they serve you instead of holding you back.

Jacqueline developed a fearless approach herself after enduring and then breaking away from, a nightmarish family to establish new patterns and find peace. She is now an author, keynote speaker, and trusted advisor to successful, high-achieving women. And she is an unwavering champion for being fearless.

In this conversation we talk about key ideas and questions from her latest book, The Fearless Factor @ Work, which I highly recommend, especially if you’ve ever allowed your fears to get in the way of speaking up or taking courageous action.


You’ll discover:
* How Jacqueline defines fear and more specifically, fear in the workplace
* The distinction Jacqueline makes between the stories we tell ourselves and the evidence for those beliefs
* What she does to help clients play big when they’re used to playing small and holding back
* Some of the messages that girls receive when growing up that don’t serve them as adults
* The importance of self-compassion and self-love when you’re working to make a change




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