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EP. 97 Capture the Journey; Sharing family stories & create a legacy for your family with Special Guest Ruthanne Warnick

October 28, 2022

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Today my guest, Ruthanne Warnick discusses how;


  • sharing family stories and family history impacts the different generations of the family, including how it benefits the wellness, confidence, and self-esteem of children
  • legacy letters of love, wisdom, and affirmation can comfort a child or grandchild throughout their lives
  • Creating a non-financial legacy of generational wealth, belonging, and mattering


Ruthanne Warnick is an advocate of capturing family stories and experiences to connect the generations and sharing words of the heart through legacy letters. As a Family L.E.G.A.C.Y. Guide, Ruthanne helps individuals¬¬ glean the most important stories, experiences¬, and words of love to create a non-financial legacy of generational wealth. When combined with photos, they create a lasting family treasure, and, as she puts it, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture plus the words is priceless.”
As some of Ruthanne’s family members passed away, she began to realize how many family stories died with them and how valuable the stories and words that she did have would become.



After becoming a certified Guided Autobiography instructor in 2012, Ruthanne founded Capture the Journey to help others take action and avoid the regret of waiting for the elusive someday that never comes.


In addition to her legacy work, Ruthanne’s experience over the past 30 years includes non-profit administration, as well as volunteer leadership in a national women’s organization. Advancing from the local to the regional and then to the national level of leadership, Ruthanne has engaged, mentored, and trained hundreds of other women to become leaders themselves.



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