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EP 95 Mutual Respect Grows Confident Kids; The Homeschool Garden Way, with Special Guest Erica Orosco Cruz

October 18, 2022

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Is your child struggling to "behave" at daycare or school?

Do they have a hard time listening to and following directions?

Maybe it's not because they are misbehaved, instead, it could be that they are misunderstood? Not all kids can fall in line and follow a laid-out structure and discipline-based curriculum. Otherwise labeled shy, hyper, distracted and/or "difficult" kids thrive in an environment where their curiosity, imagination, and creativity are encouraged and their emotions respected and supported.


Meet Erica Orosco Cruz. Erica’s passion for supporting families stems from her own experience as a mother of 4 boys (ranging in ages from 2 to 25!), and a daughter who set out to parent in a different way than she was as a child. While raising her children, she searched to find a program that brought children to the forefront while also providing clear boundaries for mutual respect; a program where children would be seen and heard and where adults would see with new eyes and listen for what was unsaid.


When she realized what she was looking for didn’t exist, she founded Homeschool Garden, a now two decade old early childhood development center in Los Angeles. At Homeschool Garden, Erica has developed a schoolmodel that provides an environment where children, families, and teachers can thrive and grow together on the foundation of mutual respect. Erica also serves parents as a coach and postpartum doula, supporting parents on everything from what happens when you get home from the hospital and more.


Homeschool Gardens approach uses a combination of both RIE™ and Waldorf Early Childhood Education pedagogies to meet children where they are and provide them with a foundation of respect - for themselves, their peers, and the environment. By giving children consistent routines to lean on, facilitating them to learn through imitation and exploration, and providing them with both artistic and physical activities, they learn, grow and develop authentically.



Learn more about Erica and Homeschool Garden:

IG: @homeschoolgarden





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