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EP. 85 Parenting from a Place of Fear; Change it Up with Special Guest Joanne H. Light

September 7, 2022



As a Parent Empowerment Coach, Joanne helps parents of tweens and teens with navigating life’s daily parenting challenges so that they can feel more positive about themselves as parents, avoid the guilt trap and have a home filled with more peace and less tension and yelling.


Her mission is to contribute to raising the next generation of leaders and citizens.  Helping parents create a vision of the family they want and doing the work to reach that goal are not always easy tasks, but are very rewarding.


Joanne H. Light Understands parents’ feelings of burned out, helplessness and stress. Her life experience as a parent led her to her passion of working with families. There are so many issues, especially now: managing stress, understanding emotions, dealing with conflict, setting boundaries, reconnecting with your kids, safety, school, social media etc. We all love our children and want the “best” for them but we need to accept and nourish them for who they are and accept our own limits. There is no perfect parent.


Parenting is an inside out process – reach in and then reach out.



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