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EP. 84 Avoid Unrealistic Expectations of your kids; using Whole Brain Thinking with Special Guest Bertie le Roux

August 31, 2022



Have you set unrealistic expectations on your kids? Do you push them to do things that don't interest them but are your passions or dreams for your child? Are you expecting them to excel at something their brain is not wired to succeed in? My guest today is going to share how the Whole Brain Thinking model/assessment can help you and your child understand each other better, improve your conversations and your relationship.


Meet Bertie le Roux - A multi awarded executive transformation coach, mentor and a passionate inspirational international speaker. Bertie helps leaders and aspiring leaders in defining their vision, their purpose, their passion, their Why; so that they can live their deserved life in balance and prosperity. His passion has virtually taken Bertie across the world where he assists young and old in helping them define their vision in such clarity that they started to live their deserved life in the "here and now".


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