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EP. 80 7 Things Jaci Recommends to help you become the confident leader your kids crave you to be!

August 16, 2022



As parents, we need to remember that if we only give, if we only care for others, we inevitably deplete our energy.


Instead of succumbing to stress, worry, and frustration, fill your cup!


Do some things for yourself like inviting God into your day, pay attention to your health and prepare to lead your kiddo's with confidence by learning how to respond to them, rather than react.


As the summer winds down and we gear up for the school year, Jaci shares 7 of her favorite products and resources that fill her tank, support her health and nurture her confidence!




  1. EP. 78 Sit in the Chair free download: Sit in the Chair 

  2. EP. 23 Make it Right Technique free download: Make it Right

  3. Your Guided Health Journey/Equilife Detox; Health Kickstart & Detox

  4. Innov*tive Nutrition:

  5. Beauty Counter Skin Care: Beauty Counter

  6. Chaos N Cookies/Heather's Free Chaos Consultation

  7. 54 Day Novena: Rosary Novena


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