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EP. 75 Keeping Your Family’s Immune System Strong, Decrease Stress & Anxiety & Connect with your kiddo’s using essential oils with Special Guest Denise Schwendeman

July 19, 2022

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Looking for a way to keep your family's immune system strong, decrease the stress in your home, and connect with your kids all at the same time? My guest today is going to share how essential oils support our family's health and well-being in addition to our current medical and therapeutic resources.


  • With the current climate in the world today around health, what are the best practices for keeping your immune system strong?
  • How do you get children to use the oils? How do you build this habit into your life in order for it to be beneficial to you and them?
  • How do the oils actually impact us so that we can address our anxiety and stress?
  • Top 3 oils for a child or an adult with anxiety issues.



Meet Denise Schwendeman. Denise has been in the field of natural health for over 15 years. She is a mom of two amazing young adults. Twenty years ago she was in search of natural products to help care for her son during cancer treatments. Essential oils and other natural healing modalities empowered her to care for him and for the rest of the family.


Today, Denise is a leader of over 3500 people worldwide in a natural health business. She collaborates with amazing women entrepreneurs intentionally to provide the best solutions for the people she works with. In her own quest to stay in contact with and better serve both her clients and find new partners, she's found a couple of valuable systems to boost business and provide excellent service. She’s a connector to living life more naturally in good health and provides healthy solutions for acute and chronic health challenges with the goal of helping people find the solutions needed to thrive.



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